Feb 29, 2012

Haiti 2012 Project Begins!

The stakes are set, and the container comes out of customs tomorrow.
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Posted by: Ann

Rome arrived in Port-Au-Prince yesterday morning after a red-eye flight, and in true Rome fashion got busy. Yesterday involved getting supplies, settling into temporary housing, and scoping the site.  Today she wrote:

Every project begins the same way, Rome wrote: Four stakes and orange tape.  "You want the building here, right?"

Today's other big news is that the container is out of the port and at a warehouse.  Tomorrow the Customs Inspector comes at noon, and we start unloading.  We have 4 days to get it done. What's important to note is that the warehouse is many miles from the job site, and only smallish trucks can make it up the narrow, challening roads to the site.  Getting the large beams up the mountain will be an interesting, but doable project.

More soon,