Current Projects

International Service Project 2015-2016

Lake Union Crew Outreach Foundation worked in Zimbabwe for our 2015-2016 service project.

From December 2015 through January 2016 we brought our team and resources to Chidamoyo Hospital in northwest Zimbabwe to work side-by-side with local volunteers and built a 4,000 square foot building to house women who are about to give birth and recover postpartum.


I learned more than I ever could have expected. Seeing a building through start to finish is the most gratifying thing I've done.

Obviously it feels good to do something for those less fortunate than we. It was also fun to see so many LUC folks there and to be able to work with some people that we never row with and therefore know only by face, if that.

I had a great time with my team and the other volunteers. It was a fun atmosphere for a worthy goal.

Chidamoyo Christian Hospital is the only hospital to serve the community within a 75-mile radius. It cares for families who must walk for days to access medical care. Our building will provide a much-needed space for families to rest, be supported, and be safe while they wait and recover from childbirth.

It is truly incredible what this hospital is able to accomplish with a dedicated staff and minimal resources.  In a typical month, they serve over 3,000 patients, deliver 150 babies, and conduct over 100 surgical procedures.

Kathy McCarty and Major Mereki, who have run Chidamoyo for over 30 years, are fiercely dedicated and have the joyful spirit of people who know they were born to serve. LUCOF had a great experience working with these leaders to fulfill this long-standing need.

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