Mar 6, 2012

First Week In Haiti a Success

Container unloaded, site graded, kids are fantastic!
Category:Haiti Project 2012 
Posted by: Rome

So, today I have been in Haiti one whole week.

Kids set rebar matsContainer customs and unloading had its usual "costs" here, but all in all it went really well. Rich Fitzpatrick and the Seattle container loading team did an awesome job with no damage to refer, windows, generator, and playsets from all that steel.

We've pushed through issues around getting a backhoe, compactor and supplies, and we are placing rebar tomorrow and pouring the foundation on Thursday!

I've located a high reach forklift that I'm hoping to use on Monday to stand the columns and lift the roof trusses. Would be a big time saver to not have to do all the rigging to winch them up, but we'll have to see.

The kids here are AWESOME!

They have school in the mornings then run over here to help. Today they tied and placed the rebar mats for the columns. Very cool kids. Boys mostly so far. Girls shyly at the door.  I'm too task-focused to coax them over right now but all of you will be having fun with them shortly.

Couple of notes for volunteers:

1. It does get chilly at this altitude in the evenings so bring that sweatshirt. I haven't needed it in the morning though.

2.  Since we are next door to the Dominican Republic some people here speak Spanish as well as Creole. That actually was helpful to me with the cranky backhoe operator!

3.  The IKEA mattresses we sent here in the container are very comfy!  Bring a hand towel for your feet because this whole country is dirt road dusty and the floors of our rooms are rough concrete.

So, get ready for that 'camping indoors' feeling and I'll see ya soon!