Mar 9, 2012

Foundation Pour and Small Earthquake

The foundation is in!
Category:Haiti Project 2012 
Posted by: Rome

Night before last I was happily snuggled up on my IKEA mattress when at 9:55 pm there was an earthquake here. Relatively small but a definite rumble and shake. I texted Ann and Kathi called me from her place here in Haiti but it settled down without any aftershocks that I know of. All is well with just a little already loose plaster falling from the wall.

The following morning was the footing pour day and all the guys were excited to be working on an earthquake rated foundation! Everyone felt it the night before.

The pour went really well but took 9 hours straight because we had a smaller mixer than I'd like. That was there was another small earthquake in the afternoon. That's when I learned that many locals had been sleeping outdoors after the one the other night, in fear and bad memories. Even the nannies and all the orphans in our community slept outside.

Speaking of orphans there are two that you will meet immediately and go crazy over.
First there is Cliford (one L). He is the leader of the pack and races over, arms open wide. A born hugger. He speaks reasonable kid English and wants any possible opportunity to do something with or for you. All the other kids follow him close behind. The other day they carried huge rocks that we needed at the footing trench, from all around and from the bottom of a big hill. They would drop them exhaustedly, then literally run down the hill as fast as they could to get more. Cliford in the lead.

Then there is Wilson.
If you need a 10 year old to hold the height stick for you, he's your man!  Solid and steady as a rock with great instincts for what is needed next.

Today we fine graded the interior of building slab by hand, added gravel and will compact it tomorrow. Kathi's container with our scaffolding in it is supposed to be released any day and then we will start to stand the steel columns and roof trusses...customs gods willing.

I've decided that you can tell a country by what their brooms are made of. Very different ones here. Will send pic.

Be well all!
Yours with a little shake and shimmy,

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