Mar 12, 2012

Week 1 Volunteers - We're Ready For You!

Beds are in place and the Mess Hall is ready to go.
Category:Haiti Project 2012 
Posted by: Ann

Hi all,

I arrived in Haiti yesterday, and quickly got to work with Rome building a shelving unit for our tool shop and putting all the tools away.

Today we moved a lot of furniture around to set up the volunteer mess hall.  Kathi’s daughter Espi helped me wipe everything down with bleach water, unpack all the dishes, utensils, pots & pans, coffee maker, etc etc.  This afternoon we did a big grocery shop and we’re ready for our Week 1 volunteers, who arrive in just about 36 hours from now – very exciting.

Tomorrow our building becomes 3-D as we hoist the big vertical columns and put the roof trusses in place.  Rome will write more about that soon.

Oh, and we think we have a little friend in our place – I’ve named him/her Anton the mouse.  The only evidence of Anton is the occasional scrabbling noise up in the rafters and a single spotting yesterday.  Cute little guy.

Enjoying the cool evening air here in Haiti,