Mar 16, 2012

A Sweet Kiss

And a sweet two days of work!
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Posted by: Rome

Wow what a couple of days we've had around here!

Yesterday we were finally able to rent a "Telehandler" which is a combination of a backhoe (big tires), a boom truck (can extend 30') and a forklift. It actually drove on the road from PAP the 2 hours it takes to get up here.
In 3 hours time we had all 8 big columns hoisted and secured.
Later in the evening Claudia, Taylor, Tim, Martha and Rich arrived.
I was grinning big to see Week #1 folks here and pumped to go for it.

This morning we used the same machine to lift the 4 big roof trusses and get them bolted to the columns.
Slight problem...Kathi's container which has our scaffolding in it has not yet been released from customs. So we had just one extension ladder.
Like people who just had a giant mind meld, the seven of us built a 20' ladder out of 2x6's on edge with 2x4 rungs in literally about 7 minutes. Saw, screws, cordless drill, done. Like a machine were we!  The locals were astounded and we were back in action on the trusses!

While giant pieces of steel were flying through the air, some of our team was mixing mortar and finishing up the stone fire pit that was started last week.
It is becoming a center piece of how to manage garbage opposed to tossing everything into the ravine.

All in a day's work.

By the way, my name here is Wome. They must have thought I was deaf because I wasn't responding to that until I learned that's how R is pronounced here.

Boss Rena, the lead guy of the local crew asked me, through the translator, if he could have a 'sweet kiss' before I went home. I was a little perplexed and kind of blew it off. A few minutes later, the translator tried again... he wanted an empty suitcase. ;-)

You just never know!

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