Mar 21, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

Week 1 A Success!
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Posted by: Rome

Today is Wednesday, which for the next 9 weeks will be the happy/sad day of this project. This morning we sent Taylor, Ann, Martha and Rich off to the airport, missing their humor, hard work and great energy instantly.  Later in the evening we happily welcomed Sharon and Renea to our little compound.

This past week has been one of great contrasts. On the construction side we have made huge progress. All the steel columns and beams have been hoisted into place, the second floor joists are up and the cross bracing is in. Tomorrow the second floor decking goes on.

On the surprising side, yesterday morning Kathi brought a group of 27 volunteers from her Arizona church group, including about 8 kids to the site to help out. After being a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of people needing tools and tasks and basic orientation, we got into a rhythm and it was great. They dug the footing for the chicken coop, mixed concrete and poured a set of stairs and helped to get the second floor joists installed. The rest of us took leadership roles and did hours and hours of bolting things together.

Tomorrow our combined teams will hand mix and pour the chicken coop footing which includes a good 100' of wheelbarrow run!

The topping off event of the week happened yesterday when Boss Rena got into a scuffle just outside the gate, with a former worker. Rena got a cut over his eyebrow and then went to the police station 3 blocks away to make a report. But they arrested him "until the facts could be learned". A couple of hours later, the Justice of the Peace comes to the site with a "court reporter" to take notes. He interviews those who saw it, asks Kathi and me some questions and then says he is here to make peace and will be back. All of this while we are standing around in muddy shoes watching old school justice take place. An hour or so later, with Kathi's small payment for all their trouble, Rena was released with a bandaid over his cut. Whew!

Off to take the brownies out of the barbecue.

Never a dull moment!

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