Mar 27, 2012

Week 2 - The Mud Squad

Week 2 is full of mud, kids and memories.
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Posted by: Rome

The Week #2 team shall now and forever be known as the Mud Squad.

No kidding, we have been digging out clay with shale interspersed for the last 4 days straight. I use the word 'digging' loosely as in fact the most effective way to create the trench that is the base for the rock retaining wall is with a pick and then by hand. Wet, sticky, slimy, heavy and slow. It won't even fall off a shovel. The boys have been helping us in the afternoons and are super strong and are at least having fun sliding around in it. The rest of us just want a shower!

We did actually get all the horizontal steel pieces (girts) installed on the first floor too but that pales in my memory compared to the days we have been in the mud.

Photo By Renea HessThis Sunday we went on an outing to Kaliko Beach Resort. Kathi and 3 of her staff came along, we rented a van and driver and had a great day. The drive is about 2.5 hours each way but you really get a look at different areas and a feel for Haiti. Total cost was $70 per person and included lunch, 3 drinks, van, gas and driver.

On the way home a motorcycle with 3 people on it lost control and slid under our front bumper. Fortunately everyone was fine but it took a couple of people to pry the bike which point they all got back on and rode away. Scary. Riding shotgun in Haiti has its drawbacks!

Right after that accident, we came upon a funeral procession. Here that means lots of people walking behind a pickup truck with the casket and flowers in the back and a band right behind that. Then the other night we were awakened by a band walking by our compound at 1:00 in the morning. We learned that was the "spiritual follow up funeral". Hmmm.

At the end of the workday today Tim told the boys through our translator that he and Renea were leaving in the morning and he'd like a group picture. They happily cooperated and then said they wanted to make a circle around him to sing and pray for him.  As soon as their voices began there was not a dry eye on any of our muddy faces, Tim's included.

It's always about the kids.

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