Apr 27, 2012

Week 6 - The Roof Is On

Blocks, window jambs and roof - Week 6 knocked it out!
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Posted by: Rome

No rain for 7 days in a row, with power every day but one!  Now that's a record for this project.

The Week 6 team not only brought the good weather but also knocked down the most visually productive week so far.

Barb, Kathy and Claudia got all the first floor and half the second floor window jambs in place.  Now the building has a whole new look to it.

Josie and Nadeene laid blocks like it was an art form and got all 3 courses finished. I've been showing people how to lay brick and block for many years and these two take the cake for learning the fastest and producing the best looking lines ever.

Roof Is OnRowena and Matt installed every bit of roof insulation, which includes support strapping, foil backed bubble insulation and endless strips of seam tape. These two were also the leads in getting 44 sheets of roofing panels lifted up to the 2 of us on the roof.

Briggs and I got the roof and cap installed, including a couple thousand extra screws to meet the 150 mph hurricane requirements.

And if that isn't enough in the last 3 hours of their last day the Week 6 team assembled the water tower, made a template of the foot bolt pattern, built a form to hold the anchor bolts, dug the footing and then mixed the concrete and poured it in place. Oh yeah, as we were finishing the pour, it started to rain.

Amid this flurry of activity our boys and a few local volunteers (who got a friendly phone call from Pastor Maxime) were digging out the last of the mud inside the floor area of the building. That got finished today and we are preparing to pour the first and second floor concrete this Friday and Saturday. Sure glad the roof is on!

It was a sunny week with a fun group that played games most nights and got addicted to brownies made on the BBQ....some rituals are just meant to be.

Yours with a chocolate buzz,

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