May 11, 2012

Week 8 - Mud, mice, stairs and a football team

The mud was flying in all the right directions
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Posted by: Rome

Ok, so after catching 23 mice we are finally at peace in our abode again....whew!

It's countdown time here as we push to get every last thing done.

Our Week 8 team did a grueling 5 long days of pouring concrete floors and they are beautiful.  We sustained a few cement burns after all those days in a row, but we're healing nicely.

Bucket brigadeWe also hoisted and fastened the 2 sets of aluminum stairs and the balcony.  The building is really taking shape now.

Just behind the building, we dug and built the septic tank and completed all the drain field piping.

One day, Kathi provided us we 25 volunteers for 4 hours. They were a college football team and their coaches visiting from the States. It was quite a show. Some of the biggest buff guys the locals had ever seen dug 200 feet of water piping trench, leveled a 400 square foot area for the playground, carried about 300 buckets of gravel down the hill, passed 150 blocks from the gate to the chicken coop and washed the entire steel structure! They were a blast to be around and they treated it as their anaerobic threshold workout of the week. A team after my own heart.

On the goofy side, Claudia reached into her pocket one morning to take the vitamins she had put there.  After she swallowed them, she realized she had also swallowed a stainless steel washer from the project she and Shelly had worked on the day before....assembling the Portapotties. Dork ;-)

Happily, the 200 feet of water pipe we laid after the football team left, held the 24 hour water test and we capped it.

Back to the hysterical Catch Phrase game going on.


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