Nov 18, 2012

We're headed to Nepal!

LUCOF announces its 2013 service project
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Posted by: Ann

Volunteer in Nepal

Lake Union Crew Outreach Foundation is pleased to announce Nepal as the location of our 2013 international service project.

The challenges experienced by people without available and clean water can be enormous. The situation in Nepal is as problematic as any we have seen. As such, we have chosen to work in the village of Astam, which is northwest of Pokhara in the foothills of the Annapurna Range, to improve water availability, sanitation, and distribution.

For 5 weeks in October and November 2013 we will work side by side with local community members to:

  • Install and pipe together ten 10,000 litre water retention tanks, and lay a concrete pad to support them
  • Dig and lay piping to collect existing ground water springs
  • Install a pump with piping to a higher ground distribution tank

As with all previous service projects, we encourage LUC members, family and friends to volunteer with us for 1 or more weeks to experience our ‘Teamwork is Everything’ spirit abroad. Participation in these projects has been a life changing experience for all involved. Working in Nepal, with the stunning view of the Annapurna Range as the backdrop promises to be as inspiring as any.

Doing Laundry in Astam, Nepal

Astam villager does laundry while water is still available. This well runs dry several months of the year.