Sep 14, 2013

An Evening with an American Legend

Hosted by Leslie Mackie, Macrina Bakery and LUC Outreach Foundation, our wonderful evening with Jim Whittaker and Dianne Roberts raised $7,000!

Jim Whittaker, Dianne Roberts, Leslie Mackie

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Posted by: Ann

American Legends

50 years ago Jim Whittaker became the first American to summit Mt. Everest. He and his wife Dianne Roberts helped lead the first successful American summit of K2. Among other things, Jim was REI's first full time employee and eventual CEO; he was Bobby Kennedy's friend and campaign manager in WA state; Dianne's a professional photographer; and Jim and Dianne are world-class sailors.

Hosted by 4-time James Beard Award nominee and Macrina Bakery founder, Leslie Mackie, our reception for Jim and Dianne was destined to be a great success.

What a fantastic evening!
Between Leslie's great food, David's dessert entertainment and Jim and Dianne's riveting stories, we were smiling from beginning to end.

Many thanks to our guests
for making last night such a great success. Between ticket sales and last night's dessert donations, nearly $7,000 was raised for LUC Outreach Foundation's water project in Nepal. Wow!

We are so very grateful to our partners
who made this event possible.
Next stop: Astam, Nepal!
Our volunteers start work in Astam on October 9th. Check back here at our blog to follow our progress.