Jan 1, 2016

Week 2 - Heroes!

So far the Week 2 Team are my heroes!

Week 2 Crew


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Posted by: Ann

They braved working in the heat when it was almost too hot to handle steel framing pieces, even with gloves on.

More amazing still were David, Phil and Kevin, who spent most of the week installing the galvanized roofing panels in this heat. We started early, took long midday breaks, but they still fried themselves to get that thing done!  Every day they were joined by scores of red beetles that landed on the roof and died immediately. Don’t know if they were blinded by the shiny roof and crashed into it, got fried in place when they landed or something else, but I’ve never seen so many dead beetles in one place.

The roofing crew

In addition to providing shade with a roof, Week 2 Team also go all the roof insulation in place, installed the windows on 3 sides of the building, piped all the underground drains for 6 showers and poured 16 of the 65 squares of concrete floor sections. A real rock-and-roll Team they were!

Windows and insulation


Our biggest shout out however, goes to Lori and Ericka, our chefs, who managed to cool us down with cold drinks at break time and feed us fabulous comfort food. We worship you!

On our day off, the Team traveled to Major’s village (Major is one of our hosts) to see how the locals live, farm, and play. We heard stories of croc attacks and saw croc and hippo tracks when we visited the river there. Very interesting and worth the drive further into the bush.

Visiting Major's Village

Bugs, particularly flies, continue to be my nemesis. Today I literally bit my lip trying to snort a fly that flew into my nose while I was carrying something heavy! I know, I’m a dork.

Happy New Year to you all!


Ringo, George and Paul?