Jan 9, 2016

Week 3 - The Heat and Work Continue

Trenches, Concrete and Doors, oh My...

The Week 3 Team
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Posted by: Rome

The Week 3 Team has by far had the hardest week of work so far. Nearly every square of concrete flooring was poured, all the window were trimmed, the rainwater retention tank was installed, and many, many feet of knee deep trenching for pipes was done.

The floor is almost done

Shelly's landscape plan is taking shape, Phil and Bill (aka Peanut and Butter) and Ann installed the monster heavy entry doors and PeanutButter and Kathy framed up the shower rooms with the steel studs we sent over in the container.

Building with trimmed windows and gutters in place

All of this without a single drop of rain all week. It's amazing that we aren't biting each other's heads off because no one is sleeping much during these hot nights.

Thank goodness Dawn has disinfected the kitchen within a breath of its life and we are all cipro free.

This week we had a new guest in camp. A monkey with blue balls. Yup, look it up, Vervet monkey.  Verry attractive.... He's been scrambling on our rooftops, jumping between trees and raising quite a ruckus trying to get into the chicken coop.

Vervet Monkey

On the animal frontier, as  in most poor countries there is a pack of skinny wild dogs that roam around the site. Recently we heard frantic yelling and barking while we were working. The pack was chasing down a toddler that belonged to a staff member here. Crisis averted as our boys peeled off the wheelbarrows to the rescue.

Gecko visitor

Mosiuoa, Rowena's husband from Lesotho, put all the local guys to shame with his speed in running with a wheelbarrow full of concrete. They said they were going to have the police give him a 'speeding ticket'.  Oh yeah, and Rowena who is 5 months pregnant still had unrelenting morning sickness.

Rowena and local moms-to-be

I got a big laugh from the local guys when I said 'she is going to have a boy'.  "How could you know that?" they laughed. Ultrasound, to those who don't know about it, is hard to do in charades!  I tried.

Yours in bug bites and sweat,


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Rome picking the trench