Jan 24, 2010

Rough Week in the Sandbox

Our Lesotho friends return home, and Montezuma's revenge takes hold.
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Posted by: Rome
Hello Everyone,
Well, it's been a rough week at the old sand box!

Our 7 great friends from Lesotho left us for home on Thursday evening and the place hasn't felt the same since.  Of course there was lots of sadness in the days leading up to their departure and even the local Peruvian volunteers had gotten very fond of all of them. Everyone acknowledged the incredible amount of work they did on the project.  They were truly pillars of the workload with all of us....along with great cheer and big smiles.  You are missed my friends and we will see you again this year....your place this time!

Just as the Lesotho team was leaving, Week 6 Volunteers were arriving and being sick to boot.  Wendi arrived feeling sick to her stomach and Dawn got sick that night.  Both wanted to sleep and then go home so we got them to the airport the next day.  Then 4 more people got sick with intestinal issues.  It was a crazy 24 hours but today, everyone is back at it with all of us hitting the port-a-potties more than usual.  We can't find a consistent theme of who ate what in the last couple of days, versus who got sick and who didn't, but hopefully we are all over it now.

The building is coming along very well and if we don't lose any more days to sickness, we will be done by the celebration day of Sunday, February 7th, two weeks from now.

All the blocks on the north face are done.
All but a few sheets of drywall have been hung and partially taped.
Plumbing and wiring are getting hooked up.
Tile is going into the shower.
We will pour the wall of Terrace 4 tomorrow.
Landscaping continues......

Off to use the 'you know what'!