Nov 22, 2009

Rebar Work Begins

Rome and Emily try out the local food while preparing concrete schedules and rebar placement.
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Posted by: Rome

Hello everyone!

This week was spent mostly moving sand from one place to another, over and over. We tied all the rebar cages for the foundation and we hope to pour it on Wednesday....which in Peruvian time is Friday....

Emily and I just returned from a lunch invitation where I was served fried chicken (it is now my reputation that it is the only thing I eat) and Emily, who announced that she eats anything, was served ceviche.  After eating, we were told that her ceviche was a special family secret recipe....not fish, but raw chicken.  I'll let you know how her night goes....

We also have a new guest in our little casita.  Gray hair, four legs, very cute.  We named him Raul.  Now that he has a name, we can't exactly dispose of him.  Emily thought we should....but I don't think he's an only child!  We bought more tupperware and a garbage can with a lid.  I'm however dropping bread crumbs in the direction of Ericka's bed, so whenever she comes to visit and stay overnight on site, she'll have a little company!  I think he'd look very handsome in a little tuxedo without a shirt....

Y'all missed my graceful face plant onto the concrete.  My shoelace got caught on some rebar and down I went. Gave myself a bloody nose and skinned knee but was fine.  I've never seen such stunned looks!

I also learned that when they said, 'We have lots of water, no problem' , they actually meant, we have lots of water when it is turned on, which is overnight until about noon.  That has changed my concrete pouring schedule quite a bit.  We've been compacting the last few days and had a que of people waiting for their turn at the jumping jack compactor.  I'm not always sure whether it or they are winning the control battle but it sure is funny!

So, if things go well, our sand box will finally have sides this week and Emily won't have to go to the hospital tonight....

See you all soon!