Nov 1, 2009

First Days on the Site

Rome stays with a friend and collects supplies while the living quarters (casitas) are built.
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Posted by: Rome

My first day here was Thursday the 29th and Nelida, (Ericka's mom who runs the local NGO), Hector (my Peruvian construction supply wizard) and I arrived at the site to a very sweet welcome which included kids dancing and all of us exchanging eagerness and gratitude.

Hector (who does not speak English) and I have been making supply and materials purchases every day since I got here.
We've been doing language charades for 12 - 14 hour days in smoggy Lima traffic, but each time we arrive at the project site, followed there by ancient delivery trucks with 700 pieces of rebar dangling off of them and plywood and lumber, the community appears with a big grin at 8:30 pm to unload it!

Apparently my attempts to communicate make me hysterical to all of them....I can't wait for you translators to show up!!!

The first of our Volunteer houses 'Casitas' is set up, with the rest to be delivered next week. They are cute and will work fine. The first portapottie is there and the first shower unit too.
Bring your flip-flops!

Our container is still waiting for clearance at the port. Tuesday it will be 14 days and they say it should be released then...hmmmm.

Our current problem is that the 2 empty containers we bought to store things in at the site, which will become the wood shop and housing when we leave, are stuck in the sand at the bottom of the site. The delivery truck couldn't make it up the hill because the power lines were too low and the road too bad. So the Mayor sent a 'tractor' which is a loader really, to drag them up the hill.
But.....the tractor had an electrical problem, then a flat tire, then something else. Anyway, if it can't be fixed, we'll rent a grader tomorrow to drag them up the hill and cut the building site level at the same time.
I'm sure the FULL container won't make it up the hill, so it looks like a long line of volunteers to pass everything up the hill, about a 1/2 block long. Teamwork you say???

Today Hector pointed at what looked like several people out running....'FOOTING' he said.

Ericka arrives on Friday....whew!
Emily, bring a sweatshirt, it still gets cool in the evening.

I am presently staying at Nelida's house, but will move into the first Casita as soon as we get the container unloaded.
Yes, there is security on site, but mostly there are lots of people waiting for me to be funny again....