Jan 24, 2009

Electronics and Septic Tanks

Sound systems come to the hall in preparation for the ceremony, and final touches are put on the plumbing for the students' rooms
Category:Lesotho 2008/09 
Posted by: Ann

It's Saturday in Lesotho - less than 24 hours to the dedication ceremony.  It's a very exciting day at the site. The sound system has been installed, including 2 microphones, 4 large speakers, 2 woofers, and a big mixer box.  It really is impressive and the students are like bees to honey.  This morning they weren't allowed in the hall as we did final preparation for the afternoon choir practice, but they were all around the windows like kids in a candy shop, especially when we tested a video that included all of them, and when John played the keyboard with Tsabo on vocals.  Lots of smiles.

There's also crazy busy work going on in front of the hall today, in an attempt to get all pavers laid.  The checkerboard is in place and other patterns are emerging.

The two main septic systems are operational now. I even found a cow sitting peacefully next to the boys' septic system this morning.

A bit of good news for those who know Tabiso. He looks thin but seems fine, and is back at school now.

Some more good news for those in Seattle - we plan to tape as much of tomorrow's ceremony as possible, although it is supposed to be about 4 hours long.  Two choirs, perhaps the arch bishop, and I don't know what all. It's promising to be a great day. And we'll post what we can online.

All the best,