Jan 18, 2009

Floor and Stage Completion

More work on the latrines for the students and the floor and stage are finalized.
Category:Lesotho 2008/09 
Posted by: Rome

Hello everyone!

Sorry that this will be short but we are working extra long days this week to get ready for the Grand Opening Ceremony. It appears there will be TV, radio and newspaper people attending.

The week 8 team became known as the Completion Team… They poured the last squares of concrete floor, they fully installed the hardwood floor on the stage and applied 2 of the 8 coats of polyurethane sealer. They also finished the sandstone keystones and finished piping and backfilling both drain fields. My hero Anna did all the math on complicated angles for the stairs to the stage which also got framed (by the way I screwed your piece of plywood with all your calculations to one of the stair stringers and put your name on it!)

This week’s team is installing the hardwood flooring on the crazy complicated but gorgeous stairs leading to the stage. We are also installing the 16 new toilets, laying the stone walkways and 10,000 pavers in front of the hall as a courtyard which will include a human-size chess board pattern in the middle.

Lastly, you’ll be pleased to know that today we finally got the ‘shit-pit’ pumped out, installed a new pipe for the one the cow broke and graveled the whole bottom of it. Then I took a bleach shower ;)

Tomorrow is the first day of school here and once again there are whole classes of kids coming to help….. Yikes!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!