Jan 10, 2009

Cow in the Hole!

A cow falls into the developing septic tank holes, thankfully not hurting herself or slowing down progress, but the stage-builders meet their own set of issues.
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Posted by: Ann
Hi all,

Rome did not have time to send an update this week because they worked late on Saturday in an effort to get the floor done in time to return the cement mixers tomorrow!  This is a significant achievement as we have had those mixers since mid-November and they have run every day since - very exciting!  Anyway, I'll fill in what I know and we can look forward to more details when she comes up for a breather.

The girls septic tank was sealed this week and is ready for the structure to be built above it to support the porta-potties. The boys' septic system will be sealed during week 8 and ready for its porta-potties.  School starts again on Jan 19 so these will be in place and functioning by then.

Apparently a cow actually fell into the hole of the 3rd septic tank on Wednesday. Neither Rome nor I saw it, but Rome said there were some men on the school grounds that day who had experience getting cows out of holes and were able to rescue her unharmed.  I guess there was a reason there was a lot of water in it still - cushioned the blow no doubt.  What isn't clear is how it happened in the first place as cement block had been set all around the hole to avoid just that eventuality.  Sigh!  Anyway, pumping out and bricking in that hole is coming up for week 9 or 10 volunteers.

Work on the stage continues. The warped wood has slowed down the construction pace but as of Wednesday, the stringers were in for the stairs, the front skirt was in place, a third of the risers and treads were in, and Rome thought the stairs would go much more quickly from there forward. The final plywood on the stage itself was laid in place after the skirt was on, so it is getting very near the time to begin laying the final mahogany planking.  With the building dedication only 2 weeks from today this too is a major priority.

The wiring for the speakers should be taking place on Tuesday. I'm not sure if the speakers will be put in place on that day as the building is not yet securable, but that too will be done by 1/25.

I am often asked if there will be work to do for the week 9 and 10 volunteers.  Rest assured, there is still much to be done: glazing the windows, sealing the floor, laying and staining the stage, building under-stage storage system, landscaping, assembling the porta-potty system, building the third septic system, and other things I'm not thinking of right now.  So roll up your sleeves and get ready for the final push!  :)

Some more photos have been posted here.  A good week to all and as always, thank you for your spirit and generosity!