Dec 13, 2008

Wood and Food for the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, Rome, the volunteers and students are still hard at work.
Category:Lesotho 2008/09 
Posted by: Rome

As the holiday's approach, various groups of students keep coming back to work on the project, while others switch off and head to relatives. Carol will be cooking a big holiday dinner on the 25th for those who are here working their butts off....the kids are great!

The brick laying continues with the first 2 sections (from the back) being done and both sides done up to the window sill level. On Monday the welders come to set the steel headers for the 8 big windows and then we start laying across the top and sides of the windows toward the front of the building. Yesterday we finished pouring the concrete slab floor squares that will be under the stage area. It's all curing now and we start building the stage on Monday.

We were able to find solid tongue and grove Muranti planking (their version of mahogany) for the final stage's beautiful wood. Now we have to find a product to finish it with!!! No such thing as swedish finish here. We'll look at our next trip to JoBurg.

Today we got all the remaining irrigation sprinkler piping and heads set. All that's left if to set the pumps and switches and it will be a working system. Electrician coming on Wednesday to wire the controller.