Jul 31, 2010

LUC Juniors Rock!

Lake Union Crew Juniors Dig In at Dirty Jobs Fundraiser!
Posted by: Ann

As you may know, Lake Union Crew Outreach Foundation has engaged in Dirty Jobs this summer as a means of raising funds for our projects.  We had a great job this weekend, back-filling dirt and gravel around the foundation of a house being built in Fremont, and better still, owned, designed, and being built by former rowers.

This was a job that needed lots of helpers, and boy did we ever get them.  LUC Junior Kyle Wunderlin organized 8 of her  current and former teammates to come work for the day, shoveling dirt and gravel, playing fun riddle games while digging, running buckets of dirt and gravel from here to there in the hot sun, and capping it off with all Juniors lined up as if in an 8+, doing power 20s with their shovels in the dirt, moving it down the giant hill in unison, with Aiden O'Sullivan coxing.  Hard to get clean catches when working with dirt, but Aiden coaxed the best out of his crew, and several more hundreds of pounds of dirt made it down the hill to the foundation.

In short, we had an awesome day, and I'm hoping the Juniors are very proud of themselves.  Through their effort the Foundation raised $1,600 today, enough to buy 400 HIV/AIDS test kits for the Monyetla Centre in Lesotho!  Thanks too to our fantastic coaches Emily and Alex, who also spent their day in the sun and dirt, working hard, having fun, and by doing so, providing resources to those in need.


From L to R: Ann Wunderlin, Alex Twist, Lena Jaffe, Aiden O'Sullivan, Emily Bayuk Johnson, Kyle Wunderlin, Roddy Vanderlinden, Ailish O'Sullivan, Kieran O'Sullivan, Rebecca Goldader, Rome Ventura.  Not pictured: Maggie Boce & Ben Sabbath.