Sep 11, 2010

Art Show Fundraiser a Success

A fun night of beautiful artwork and great friends
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Posted by: Ann

Art Show Fundraiser

We had a great turn out for the Art Sale last night, and several works sold.  Our sincere thanks go to Perry Estevenin and Pierre Galin for their talent, spirit and generosity.  Through their efforts, the foundation raised nearly $2,000.  SO FAR.

Perry and Pierre have graciously offered to keep their work on display through early next week.  Stroll through the great room and if you see something you like, just let us know.  Please know that Pierre’s photographs can be reprinted (through a very cool process – you should ask him about it some time) so if you see a sold sign on one you like, don’t be deterred.

Raffle Winner

LUC member Claudia Dreiling won the 50/50 raffle, taking home $260 dollars.  Except, she didn’t take it home, she donated it right back to the foundation.  All told, we raised $545 through ticket sales and donations.  Thanks Claudia – you’re the best!