Nov 26, 2010

Week 1 Highlights

Bridges, Coops, Fences and Thanksgiving!
Category:Lesotho 2010/11 
Posted by: Rome

Hello Everyone!

It's Thanksgiving at home, so while in Joburg we were able to score a frozen turkey.....well, I should say 2 turkeys because they are very small here and there are now 7 of us hungry eaters!

We stuffed them, and put them on the BBQ.  Lisa made mashed potatoes, Maggie made green beans and I made gravy (with corn flour for the first time for my gluten free friend ;-).

Dessert was brownies baked on the BBQ, with ice cream and Amarula of course!

The work here is going well with our new arrivals of Angie, Maggie and Claire building sturdy saw horses for our fence frame assembly operations. We have just started building the fencing frames, trying to get an system going with teams removing a section of the old stuff, digging new holes with the auger bit I brought, mixing concrete and setting the frames that are made up in advance.  The plan is to then install all the vertical spires after the posts and frames have cured in the concrete.  We are off to a bumpy start as some of the fasteners with the break-away nuts are being tricky to get a good bite on. We'll get it working right tomorrow I'm sure.

At the bridge, the near side and last abutment got poured a few days ago and is now curing.  We'll start the shoring for the bridge in a few days. We also have to wait for the crushed rock plant to get fixed so we can get a delivery of the smaller size of rock we need for the flat concrete work.

Lisa and Tessa's teams have been doing the storm drainage rerouting around the abutments as we go, and last night it rained and stormed hard, putting their work to the test. All is great, except we need to reroute some more around our temporary wheelbarrow path across the river because the plywood on the sandbags got pushed off at one end....of course the small tree floating down the river didn't help!

It's still raining today, so we have to delay the pouring of the first half of the chicken coop concrete floor.  Emily and her team have the blocks up to the window sill height already.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  We are certainly grateful for all of you in our lives!!!