Dec 11, 2010

Week 3/4 - The Chickens are Here!

The baby chicks arrive and the bridge deck pouring begins
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Posted by: Rome

Hello Everyone,

The chickens are here, the chickens are here!

So, we were indeed first in line at the permitting office and walked out with the needed Import Permit for 700 day old layers this past Tuesday.

Wednesday was Joburg day and I picked up Charles, Kimi, Caitlin and Tim.

Then on Thursday, while nearly everyone was tying rebar on the bridge, Catherine and I drove off to the Bloemfontein airport on a MISSION.  We arrived at the South African Airlines Cargo area with a bit of time to spare.  The plane touched down and the cargo, including our 7 boxes of 100 baby chicks in each box was unloaded onto the cargo trams.  Of course, then it was staff lunch time.....not in my book damn it!  Our chicks were sitting in boxes in the sun.  So Catherine and I went to the window of the office where the staff was 'relaxing' and knocked on it loudly.  I think the 2 of us must have looked like I was going to kill them and Catherine was going to send them directly to hell!  So we convinced them to release our 7 boxes and off we drove with the air conditioning blasting.

For the 3 hour drive home my ears felt like I was at a rock concert without the music! No smell though, thank goodness.

Another hour at the border, 1/2 hour drive to school and the babies were home!  Wood shavings on the floor, food and water and they were soon settled tightly together, cute as can be.

They have grown amazingly every day and have lots of adoring visitors.

Emily has the new coop block work nearly done, and we expect to roof it on Monday.

If that wasn't enough excitement, we poured the walking deck of the bridge on Friday.  It went without a hitch and passersby from the surrounding villages are thrilled.
It's been hysterical because they all have been saying how beautiful it is, as we have been building the shoring to support the pour.  I finally realized when someone said they are glad it is orange, that they think the (orange) scaffolding and shoring is the bridge!  Many conversations of trying to explain that all this stuff will be removed has been met with confused smiles and nods....hmmmm they have some interesting weeks ahead.

Today we set the fence posts for the chicken's free range area. At the rate they are growing the grass is going to need to be planted tomorrow to be ready for them.

David also taught Tess (who always wanted to be a forest ranger) and John how to use a chain saw.  There are so many logs on the ground and trees we've had to trim to clear the new fence line. A lot of satisfaction on that team today :-)

It's pouring in Ficksburg tonight and we are happy to be clean and out for an adventure in the big city.

Gotta go buy more baby chicken feed now....
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