Dec 30, 2010

Week 6/7 - Busy!

Work Continues on All Fronts as 2010 Draws to a Close
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Posted by: Rome

Hello Everyone!

We’ve just finished the Holiday weekend with lots of unexpected happenings.

The award for most dramatic injury at any of our projects to date goes to Rowena…..and I sure hope it stays that way.  She was working on building fencing frames, tripped and cut her hand on a spear when she landed.  Fortunately, we had volunteer Cindy Unan on our team that week, who is a physician.  She whipped out the anesthetic she brought with her and stitched up Rowena’s hand with 8 stitches…..while Jess ran video the whole time!  The following day, Rowena was back out with the fence frame crew, supervising others, and saying ‘it doesn’t hurt at all’.  She does plan to ‘work it’ when she gets home though ;-)

Another set of happenings came when 5 people’s flights through London were cancelled.  They ended up being able to reschedule and arrive on Friday instead, so we happily made another round trip to Joburg to pick them up.

On the work front, lots of progress has been made:

Sue, Meg and Kathy installed the roof joists with hangers and blocking which is nearly done. The corrugated roof will be next at the chicken coop. Kathy installed bird wire over the windows of the new coop, getting it ready for the little buggers to move into the new coop while we renovate the old one.

Those chicks are getting bigger fast, showing new feathers and are cute as hell perching on the 2x2 rails we set into their area.  Ron installed new lighting in the old coop and is waiting for the roof to go on the new one, to wire it up too.

The fence frames are getting set into concrete, with Tessa and her crew setting a new record of 32 frames in one day!

Ann installed the bronze plaques at each end of the bridge, and the 4 end columns of the bridge have had small river rocks attached on all sides and around the plaques by Kyle, Leigh, Lizz and Shayda. They look awesome and will be grouted soon.

Computers are set up in the new lab with aircraft cables attached to each docking station for security. Ann will start teaching classes in a few days.

Karen led a team applying a top coat to the bridge walls to beautify them…..and they really look great. Tomorrow we take all the shoring out from under the bridge!

Emily is welding on the first vehicle gate in the fence.  We are having power outages in the area and she keeps getting interrupted just as she is about to finish it….you know how she hates that!

Jess, Ron and Rowena, (b4 hand injury) built the forms and installed the rebar into 14 new steps leading from a super slippery hill onto the bridge.  We then started the pour of those steps at 3pm and knocked ‘em out before the end of the day!  They are low and long and perfect for the elders’ walking pace.

I think every single volunteer so far has worked on one part of the bridge or another.  I truly wish you could all be here to feel the appreciation from the people who live up on the hill.  They have stopped each of us to thank us for this gift. They speak on at length….although none of us understand what they are saying….just smiling and squeezing our hands.  I had no idea how many people this would serve and it’s been a great Christmas present to US to have the privilege to contribute to such joy.

I wish you all a safe, grateful and inspired new year!


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