International Projects

Zimbabwe 2015-2016

In December 2015, we brought our team and resources to Chidamoyo Hospital in northwest Zimbabwe to work side-by-side with local volunteers to build a 4,000 square foot building to house women who are about to give birth and recover postpartum. Chidamoyo Hospital is the only hospital to serve the community within a 75-mile radius.  It cares for families who must walk for days to access medical care. Our building will provide a much-needed space for families to rest, be supported, and be safe while they wait and recover from childbirth. Learn more at our blog and on Facebook.

Work Completed

Side by side with Zimbabweans from the local community, we completed 5 water retention systems that serve 60 households and over 500 people. Included in the systems are:

  • A 4,000 sq foot Waiting Mothers Shelter to house pregnant and postpartum mothers and their babies
  • Remodeled a shipping container, adding a door and windows, to create an HIV/AIDS screening office
  • New lighting to replace equipment damaged in 2013 fire

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Visit our blog, Facebook, or watch this fun video of the project.

Nepal 2013

LUC Outreach Foundation completed its 2013 construction project in Nepal in November.

Work Completed

Side by side with Nepalese from the local community, we built 5 water retention systems that serve 60 households and over 500 people. Included in the systems are:

  • Ten 10,000 liter tanks
  • Three 2,000 liter tanks
  • 4 solar pumps
  • 2 solar panels
  • 500 meters of water-filtering trenches

An elected 7-member Water Management Committee comprised of village locals govern and oversee use and maintenance of the system.

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Read more about the project on our blog and see the photos at our gallery.


Haiti 2012

LUC Outreach Foundation completed its 2012 construction project in Haiti in late May.

Work Completed

Side by side with Haitians from the local community, we built a 2 story community center that houses a:

  • community clinic
  • a micro-finance artisan training program
  • vocational training classrooms
  • clinic and staff housing
In addition, we:
  • installed 4 latrines and a sanitation system
  • erected a playground
  • built a chicken coop
  • provided 30 computers for a lab

Our local partner, Chances for Children, will operate these facilities to educate and care for 60+ orphans in Kenscoff and provide sustainable services and education to the larger community.

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Read more about the project on our blog and see the photos at our gallery.

Lesotho 2010-2011

Once a year the LUC Outreach Foundation partners with a community, and works side-by-side to build buildings, relationships, and character. The result – all come away from the experience richer on every level.

This year LUCOF returned to Holy Names High School in Lesotho for our 2010/11 construction project.

Work Completed

  • Built a bridge over the nearby ravine, which spares students from walking an extra 7 miles to get to school during the rainy season;
  • Added moveable partitions to the hall completed in 2009 to increase its utility and flexibility;
  • Established, and are operating the Monyetla Centre, an HIV/AIDS testing, education and support program;
  • Erected a new fence around the perimeter of the school to minimize petty crime and ensure student safety;
  • Expanded the chicken coop as well as the chicken population, as eggs are a critical revenue source for the school;
  • Established a computer lab

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Read about the project activities on our blog and enjoy the project video below.

Monyetla Centre  - HIV/AIDS Education, Treatment and Support

The Monyetla Centre was established on the school grounds to provide HIV/AIDS testing, education and counseling. Traditionally about 13% of the population knew their HIV/AIDS status - our goal is to bring that to 100% among the student body, as well as provide education so students can make healthy choices.

“Monyetla” means “opportunity” in Sesotho, the language of Lesotho. Not only does this program provide opportunities for students to get youth-friendly testing, treatment and education services, but also for peer educators to emerge as leaders in the school community and learn skills and training that are valuable after graduation.  Learn more...


San Francisco de Asis, Peru - 2009/10

We traveled to Peru from December 2009 to February 2010 to build a Community Center, garden and workshop for San Francisco de Asis. Established in 1994, San Francisco de Asis is a small community of mountain people who moved closer to Lima looking for a better life. With almost no resources, they settled on a barren stretch of sand and began to forge their community.  Learn more...

Holy Names High School, Bela Bela, Lesotho - 2008/09

In our first international endeavor, a community of volunteers came together to exchange their time, their talent, and their treasure with Holy Names High School - a community in need in Lesotho, Southern Africa. Each volunteer worked side by side with the children who became the denizens of what we built together. Through this process we left behind a new building and brought back changed hearts.  Learn more...