Lesotho 2008-2009

This project represented Lake Union Crew Outreach Foundation's first international effort.

We chose to partner with Holy Names High School in Lesotho as they met all our criteria for location selection.  There was a stable local and national government, the local community was interested in active partnership, the project could be completed within the time and funding budget, and the community could sustain the outcomes of the project. Furthermore we enjoyed an immediate bond as Holy Names High School is a sister school to Seattle's Holy Names Academy.

Holy Names High School had many needs and we chose to concentrate on those most critical to health and education. Over the course of 10 weeks 62 volunteers from the United States, most of whom are from the Seattle area, traveled to Lesotho to partner with the students, teachers, parents and community members to accomplish, well, an amazing amount of stuff.

Distilled down to simple facts, the work completed is listed below.  Behind each of these facts though, was a cultural exchange experience that will live in our hearts the rest of our lives.  We are so grateful to have been welcomed by our gracious hosts and friends, and for the opportunity to partner to make all of our lives better.

Project Summary

Cost: $189,694
62 US volunteers, 650 HNHS students/teachers/staff, 400 donors
Project Date:
November 2008 – January 2009

Work Completed

  • NTJA-PELI Hall - Built a 4,000 sq ft multi-purpose building containing:
    • 32 fold-up beds/mattresses with chalkboards on backside
    • Stage
    • Professional sound system & keyboard
    • LCD projector and projection screen
  • Irrigation
    • Laid pipe
    • Installed automated system
  • Water
    • Drilled new bore hole at HNHS and added pump
    • Installed six 5,000 liter water tanks for storage
    • Installed gutters on numerous buildings for water collection
    • Repaired pumps on existing bore holes at St. Rose school
  • Sanitation
    • Replaced 10 forty-year old latrines
    • Installed 16 modern latrines and three new drainfields
  • Living Conditions
    • Painted all student dormitories
    • Provided 143 new mattresses
    • New refrigerator and washing machine
  • Other Equipment Provided
    • All construction equipment, including drills, circular saw, table saw, compound mitre saw, wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, router, etc.
    • Laptop computer and speakers
    • Camera
    • Fax/Printer
    • Ovens for school kitchen
    • Basketball hoops and basketballs

Artist rendering of Ntja-Peli plan