Local Activity

Volunteering at Food Lifeline & NW Harvest

LUC Outreach Foundation organizes quarterly service projects to benefit our local community. In these tough economic times we are volunteering with Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline to help package food to be distributed to over 300 food banks, hot meal and school lunch programs.

Participating in local work projects is not only good for our community, our volunteers recognize it as a gift to themselves as well.

Our next volunteer outing will be this fall - stay tuned for details.

It was great to be able to spend the day with friends and do something good for the community at the same time.

It is very satisfying to work at NW Harvest. The work is very well organized; the woman in charge gives us a specific task to accomplish, and it is gratifying to be able to work together with my teammates to get the job done!!

I liked everything about this volunteer outing. It was fun, I talked to someone from LUC I'd never met before, it was a good cause, the tasks were fun, and I got to know my coach a bit better.

Volunteers Knit Helping Hats

Many of our avid knitting members have banded together to knit and sell hats to raise funds for the Monyetla Centre, HIV/AIDS education and treatment center established in Lesotho in 2010.

We offer finished hats and hat kits for sale in adult, toddler and baby sizes. We also have headbands and scarves. To order, get involved, or more information, please contact Ann Wunderlin.